A World Without Brands

Topics: Want, Need, Retailing Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: November 9, 2008
It is hard for me to imagine my life in a world without brands. How could it be possible?

In my opinion a world without brands it is like imagine a world, where the people hasn’t got a name, a world where people have no identity. A world without brands would be impersonal, and products wouldn’t be differentiable. To sum up, communication wouldn’t be possible.

It would be impossible to identify the products, so how could we explain what we want to buy or consume? We receive through the brands a lot of information in order to buy a product that covers our needs, without this information the buying process would be much more difficult.

In a life without brands going to the supermarket would be a difficult task. We would spend hours in the supermarket to do a simply daily shopping, because it would be very difficult to know which the product we like is. Brands give us the information we need to acquire the product, so in a world without them the salesman would be necessary in all the shops, and they would be the only way of communication between manufacturers and customers.

And what happens if you see in the street a car you like without brand? There would be no possibility of recognizing the car in order to buy it.

Brands are part of our daily life, they give us the information we need to buy a product, they have an informational function but also emotional. They make our life easier.

In conclusion, without brands the daily task would be much more difficult, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate a product by just looking at it. In my opinion this world is not possible, because people would finally give names to the products, and these names would turn into brands.
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