A Word from the Coach

Topics: Parent, The Reader, Jonathan Coachman Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: August 10, 2010
In the opinion piece 'A Word From Our Coach' that appeared in Club New, volume 1 issue 1, Sam the coach expresses concern, by using his values as a coach, a teacher and a friend to notify the reader of a growing plight of competitive aggressiveness not among the players; but in thoughtless parents. Sam goes on telling that their the parent's poisoning our clubs by creating a imagine of those parents distorting the experience for other participants while embarrassing their child.

Sam first gains the reader's sympathy when he tells of a child named Emily. In the point of view of the girl, he writes that she didn't care about that her team's lost but she desperately cared what had been say about her by her father, which inflicts a deeper personal impact. Using repetition such as 'she didn't care' to build up to 'she desperately cared' creates anxiety in the reader and that the child is only 8 years old worsening the situation effective innocence. Sam appeals to righteous parenting, labelling the parents that put their children through this ridicule as “Toxic parents”.He expresses inclusively with his pessimistic tone, creating a negative image for the perpetrators(aggressive parents) by quoting“ They're not the parents we want”. Bad behaviour of spectators at sporting events heckling and ranting under the watchful eye of impressionable youngsters, is identified with the reader appealing to their family values of behaviour generally and parental responsibility. He elaborates with a direct and blunt tone asking the parents “ what sort of parents are you?”.

The cartoon displays Sam's stance on the issue by over exaggerating his point of view. In this visual illustration centralises a character of a unhappy, rude donkey that symbolises egocentric 'toxic parents'. Everyone else in the cartoon attribute effectiveness to portray the donkey's bad sportsmanship with facial expressions of distasteful detain and with a comment 'I wish these sports-aggressive...
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