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A Wonderful Experience

Topics: Performance, Knowledge, Musical instrument, Clarinet, Music, Play / Pages: 1 (279 words) / Published: May 27th, 2015
A Wonderful Experience
Everyone has a lot of different experiences during his or her life. These experiences may include good or bad. Joining the wind band at my school is the most wonderful experience to me so far.
To learn one of the wind instruments has always been my dream. Because of the following reasons which make the experience more wonderful. First, everyone can learn one more instrument. It’s very attractive for those people whose family can’t afford them to learn. I think it’s really a golden opportunity for them. Second, we could make a lot of friends with who loves playing music as well. We may feel lonely when there isn’t anyone who could understand what we are playing. Next, the person who join the wind band plays an important part in school’s great event. For instance, flag-raising ceremony which we must perform for school twice a week. We also have lots of other performances. During each performance, lots of people scream and praise for us. You will have more confidence while performing, great achievements will come along after finishing Fifth, it’s an honor to wear “dress uniform”. Once you wear the uniform, you know exactly what discipline and glory are Also, you certainly sure that you’re part of the wind band. Last, practicing the instrument might takes a lot of time, thus, we need to learn how to make good use of it.
Since I joined the wind band, I have gone through a lot of things. I gained amounts of excellent knowledge. As time goes by, the instrument, the band and the performance have become so meaningful to me. It’s the most wonderful experience ever.

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