A Study on Relationship Between the Effectiveness of Public Transportation System and Customer Satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur

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A study on relationship between the effectiveness of public transportation system and customer satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur

Chapter One-Introduction
1.0 Background of study
Public transportation has become widely popular all over the world especially in urban area. There were a lot of public transportation available and the most popular and currently used transports modes were bus, rail and taxi. Less a decade, there were many effective way to fulfill the need of human being as well as advanced technology in every fields such as the modernization of transports. Meanwhile, the latest creation of this technology will lead to the systematic public transportation system. Indirectly, there might increases of the economic growth in the country. For developing country, globalization representative affect citizen and cultures itself. Same goes to the lifestyle that need everything to be parallel in addition became more productive in this new era.(Utusan, 2011)

1.1 Problem statement
According to a roadmap for Malaysia, public transport in this country remains inadequate. Urban public transport in Greater Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley is congested, fragmented and often unreliable. Our roads face increasing congestion by the day. (1 Klik, 2012) 1.1.1 Current issues related to customer satisfaction in public transportation. There were some of the current issues and problems that had been highlighted to discuss about customer satisfaction. For example, it regards the time arrival delaying in the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) public transports when the Malaysia Prime Minister himself take the experienced by went and used that service. He was not satisfied with the service quality provided by this public transports after used the LRT service in term of punctuality and frequencies of train arrive this is because insufficient space to carry more passengers and others whereby the congestion occurred (Utusan Malaysia, 2008). This issue showed even the public transportation is modernized and in the urban areas but service quality is still lacking and not well implemented. This will lead to negative perception and not satisfy the consumer using the public transports (Karen Thompson, Peter Schofield 2002). The problems also faced by the people in urban areas which in Kuala Lumpur capital of Malaysia, the bus was still late despite the route stating that the bus would arrive every 15 minutes, but the user waiting until half an hour. This is punctuality problems faced by the public buses in Malaysia (The Star, 2008). The second incident occur one month after the first issues that stated above, in 25 September 2008 at urban area which is Kuala Lumpur when two LRT train Rapid KL clashing each other in 200 meter from Bukit Jalil station (The Star, 2008). This incident also showed the problems of the service quality in term of safety measurement of the public transports become worse and in the critical case. Therefore the quality in term of service must be concerned extremely because to make sure the peoples or user satisfied and give positive perceptions towards the public transports provided as well as in urban or rural areas. In the face of such a fierce scenario, the public transport sector cannot limit itself to maintaining its current level of performance.

1.2 Objective of the study
The major purpose of the study was obtained the information on the relationship of public transportation system and customer satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur. This information might help the government or non government organization to identify the relational and impacts better. The study was focused on: i.To identify the effectiveness of upgrading public transportation in Malaysia ii.To examine the level of customer satisfaction toward public transportation system.

1.3 Research questions
i.How effectiveness the upgrading public transportation system in Malaysia ii.Is there any relationship between...
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