A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Pepsi

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This project report is prepared for the submission to the RUNGTA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, BHILAI. This project is done for “ A STUDY ON CONSUMER PERCEPTION TOWARDS PEPSI IN DURG & BHILAI”. It was based on the theoretical and practical knowledge gained by the survey.

The Cold drink industry has entered in a booming stage and is now available everywhere. Proper strategy should be formulated, and for this a pulse of the market should be taken consistently, since there is no independent market research agency, so time to time research projects are undertaken and this project was endeavor in that direction previously there was no competition in the Indian cold drinks market, but in today’s scenario a huge competition has been taken place with high voltage of advertisement.

The FMCG sector represents consumer goods required for daily or frequent use. The main segments of this sector are personal care (oral care, hair care, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries), household care (fabric wash and household cleaners), branded and packaged food, beverages (health beverages, soft drinks, staples, cereals, dairy products, chocolates, bakery products) and tobacco.

The Indian FMCG sector is an important contributor to the country's GDP. It is the fourth largest sector in the economy and is responsible for 5% of the total factory employment in India. The industry also creates employment for 3 m people in downstream activities, much of which is disbursed in small towns and rural India. This industry has witnessed strong growth in the past decade. This has been due to liberalization, urbanization, increase in the disposable incomes and altered lifestyle. Furthermore, the boom has also been fuelled by the reduction in excise duties, de-reservation from the small-scale sector and the concerted efforts of personal care companies to attract the burgeoning affluent segment in the middle-class through product and packaging innovations.

Unlike the perception that the FMCG sector is a producer of luxury items targeted at the elite, in reality, the sector meets the every day needs of the masses. The lower-middle income group accounts for over 60% of the sector's sales. Rural markets account for 56% of the total domestic FMCG demand.

Many of the global FMCG majors have been present in the country for many decades. But in the last ten years, many of the smaller rung Indian FMCG companies have gained in scale. As a result, the unorganized and regional players have witnessed erosion in market share.

Consumer is a broad label for any individuals’ or households that use goods and services generated within the economy. Every consumer has his own perceptions towards any brand or product. They may be loyal for a particular brand or not, it depends on their perceptions. They have varying nature for the different products and brand. As consumer preferences vary with demographic factors we would limit our study to consumers of Bhilai & Durg region which will define our scope of study. The consumers would be judged for their perceptions towards brand like COCA-COLA, SPRITE, THUMS-UP etc., so today, which has major presence in this market. This research will be helpful for PEPSI to know about the consumers’ perception towards the PEPSI cold-drink and for those people who want to conduct a research on the same topic. .1.3 DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM

Any research made by an individual person needs whole consideration of his/her mind on the topic so that he/she can work his/her best on that project.

The main objective of the project is to study consumer behavior through survey of different people with special reference to the cold drink “PEPSI” in Bhilai and Durg.

* To survey about the popularity...

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