A Strange Encounter

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A Strange Encounter

Nicole was playing in the corner of her room when she spotted a little insect flying around the place. She got up and took a few steps towards the tiny flying object. As she got closer, she saw that it let out an iridescent glow. However, every time Nicole seemed close enough to reach out and touch it, it flew in some other direction. Frustrated, she tried to trap what she thought was a green coloured fly with her hands.

"Oh! Please, please stop or you'll hurt me!" a tiny and irritated voice screamed. Nicole was dumbfounded. She hardly expected a fly to talk. The tiny insect buzzed right in front of her and stopped in mid-air, in front of her eyes. Nicole saw that it was a glowing fairy, the kind she had so often read about in story books of a land called 'Fairy Land'. Nicole slumped to the floor in shock.

Upon seeing Nicole's reaction, the fairy felt bad to have given Nicole a fright and she apologised. After Nicole had recovered from her initial surprise, the lively fairy told her amazing stories about where it lived. The fairy performed different tricks, changing the colour of its glow with each trick. Nicole stared stonily, disbelieving her eyes. However, when she became more comfortable, Nicole could not stop asking the fairy questions about Fairy Land.

That afternoon was the most enjoyable afternoon a little girl could ever have at home. When dusk came, the fairy and Nicole bade each other goodbye. The fairy promised to return in two days, so that they could get to know each other better. Perhaps some of her fairy friends would come along too.

iridescent shimmering

dumbfounded speechless

slumped sank
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