A sci-fy story

Topics: United States Capitol, Crying, Soldier Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Khushi Kothari Hannah Song
April 30th, 2014- May 7th, 2014
6th period Drawdy
Science Fiction Story
Heart of Stone

“Ready? Onward…March!” General Worshawski commanded.
All the other soldiers gathered their guns and prepared for combat. Sweat dripped of my face and my fingers were clammy. For the first time in forever, I was actually nervous! The last time I was nervous, I was being taken away from my family. Ever since they found out I carried the virus that made me a super soldier. The screams and cries still ring in my ears. That was then. This is now. Snapping out of my flashback, I gripped my gun even more tightly. We were headed towards the Outer Provinces. The rebellion was starting to take over near the Outer Provinces. We were ordered to attack their capital, Osu. I shouldn’t think about joining the rebellion, because the government would torture me in the worst way possible. As we entered the hover-ship, I wondered what the rebellion would be like. I spot the hover-ship, and warned the others with the warning whistle. It was chaos. All the neighbors were frantic and I scurry to help the elderly. As the last elderly go inside, the hover-ship gets closer and closer and closer AND then they landed. A shriek died in my throat. My body automatically responded to the finding the closest hiding place there. Behind the giant capital building, the hover-ship lands, and soldiers come pouring out. I should be one of them. When I was 5, my mother told me to keep my identity hidden, because there was a world out there that would take me to be a soldier. That I would never see her again. My mother took my face and looked me in eyes. Her face looked weary and her eyes looked more urgent than ever. “Never let that happen...”

Those were her last words.
I exited the air craft following all the other soldiers. My job was to exterminate the villages near the Capitol building. While I worked, the others go inside, and get the Brains to surrender. The trees blew in...
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