A Review of the Movie Coach Carter

Topics: Basketball, Players, High school Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: September 28, 2008
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Anthony King
Media Review
Coach Carter
Coach Carter is the story of a former high school all-american basketball player Ken Carter who returns to his old stomping grounds to coach a team of angry, underperforming young men. he faces plethora of challenges, from academics to an unsupportive school administration to an economic and social system that tells his kids that basketball ball is all they have. From the beginning Coach Carter demands more from these young men than anyone has ever asked of them, institing academic standards, a dress code, and addressing each other with respect. While some players refuse to even attempt to meet these new standards, those who stay find themselves capable of, and dreaming of a future that had never once entered their minds. The following is a brief review of the challenges faced by both coach carter and his team, and the decisions and methods made and used by the coach to press his team on to success both on and off the court.

First we will quickly assess the challenges faced by Ken Carter as a coach and leader to this group of young men. He inherits a team of selfish, showy players, concerned only with their own stats and not doing the little things it takes to make the team a winning one. He moves into a school that seems to be supportive of the idea that these kids have no future beyond highschool and that the boys should be allowed to enjoy this temporary releif from a life where there are 4 times more likely than to go to college. The students alost have issues outside of school with one player looking at potential fatherhood and another player involved with gangs and drugs. If this was not enough the coaches own son transfers from a private prep school in order to play for his father. A basic breakdwon of these challenges into more generic ideas would look like this. The leader moves into an organization where those underneath him have no respect for his or the...
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