A Review of Childhood Obesity and Related Comorbidities Both in United States and Internationally

Topics: Obesity, Data analysis, Research Pages: 5 (1485 words) Published: April 5, 2013

A review of childhood obesity and related comorbidities both in United States and internationally (Name)

Literature review is the second chapter of a research paper. It can be defined as an account which reflects what have been written about a topic by accredited researchers and scholars (Diana, 2012). Basically a researcher reflects on important facts about the current topic including findings and methodological and theoretical contribution of the topic under research which have been done by previous scholars who have conducted similar researches. Secondary sources are the only source of information in literature review for example books, newspapers, journals, periodicals and other published written materials. Thus literature review should be related to thesis or topic under study, suggest outcome of what is known, identify areas of weakness in research and formulate questions for future research. It should also give a conclusion on facts that previous researchers who have conducted similar studies have derived.

The writer uses literature review in this context to clarify one or more issues. Firstly he states the topic on study that is childhood obesity rates in United States of America and internationally and comorbities associated with childhood obesity. He also states the meaning of obesity, what causes obesity and how obesity is passed on between different ages and the effects of being obese. Obesity occurrence trends, rates and outline a critical analysis of comparison between years as by the previous researchers is also included in the review. The writer also examines the scope which previous writers have focused in relationship to the main topic that is childhood obesity. He also seeks to show variations between past researchers and what made their research findings to differ. The relationship between obesity and related comorbities is also looked upon to show how obesity leads to other disorders and related comorbities; this categorized into direct health effect and indirect social and health effects. Also literature review explores what needs to be researched on regarding childhood obesity. The research also focuses on childhood obesity both locally and internationally but on internationally, it focuses on international students pursuing their education in United States of America.

Data analysis is one of the crucial points in research development. It helps to derive facts depending with the attribute portrayed by figures acquired from sources either primary or secondary but in this case all figures are derived from secondary sources. It’s important for a research to uphold ethics while analyzing data figures; this helps to maintain integrity of the data. First the researcher have ensured privacy of the data by ensuring that he doesn’t include the name of the respondents or the specific people who are affected by childhood obesity; that is he should give general information about obesity. Secondly the research has used instruments for data analysis which ensures data is not manipulated. The use of percentage in data illustration helps to minimize the effects of data manipulation to suit certain arguments. Lastly the language used in expressing statistical is appropriate to read by people of different cultures, religion, political affiliations and different age groups.

Statistical analysis involves using tools for data analysis to derive facts from figures acquired from different sources. Hence this process is very important for any research process. Childhood obesity research paper aims at finding the extent of childhood obesity and its related comorbities both in United States and internationally. There are few facts which are extracted from this research. First the rate of childhood obesity is on the increase in United States. This has been attributed by changing food diets...

References: Diana R. (2012) The Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students, Washington: SAGE.
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