A Research on Why Students Could Not Attain Their Degree

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Hundreds of students have successfully finished their studies, but there are a few who have failed to finish their degrees. Some of them failed and decided to pursue a job without gaining a degree. However, little is known about the factors affecting the success or failure of students. Prior study on this subject showed that the adaptation of students in college was a complicated process. It involved personal, academic, social, and cultural aspects. Some of them experienced culture shock, lack of social supports, difficulties in their adjustment to being a college student, low self-confidence, and low satisfaction with interactions to other student or their professors.

Most of them also reported facing problems due to lack of general knowledge prior to coming to college, adjustment to campus customs and norms, verbal and nonverbal communication with society, and difficulty in making social contacts inside or outside their social academic environment. In the academic setting, they faced three interrelated major problems, a different university system, student society, and the student-professor relationship.

It is likely that students experience different problems in finishing their degree and different ways in handling these said problems. Understanding the factors that facilitate or impede learning and adjustment is essential. The degree of difficulty in approaching these problems depends on the students' preparedness, motivation and their ability to adapt. Of considerable importance also are the facilities provided for them by the universities as well as students' knowledge about and attitudes towards them. Failure to overcome adjustment problems can lead to other problems, not only for the students themselves but also for the institutions where they study.

After graduating from high school, students are now off to the next step in their educational career. Whether they have decided to attend a public state college or a private university, there are many things that students need to be wary about, otherwise, they will not be able to finish their studies.

Most students who have recently graduated are around sixteen to eighteen years old. And because people in today's society consider teenagers, especially eighteen year olds as adults by legal means, many newly graduates from highschool failed to see that they are still inexperienced in the real world. And so they make many foolish choices in their early years of college and become trapped into one of many of life's pitfalls.

One of the most common examples of this is the newly begotten responsibility of the college schedule. From elementary to high school, a schedule is already created for the student to follow and is expected for the student to attend everyday the school is open. In college the idea of a schedule is completely different. In college, the classes don't always repeat every day but are usually on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. And some of the professors also don't usually make it mandatory to attend the classes to pass the class. All that needs to be done is doing all the homework, quizzes, tests and the final exam which results in them being arrogant and believing they can skip their classes and still pass the class.

Another pitfall students can fall into is the partying. Some students have their own place, others are part of fraternities or sororities, but one thing is common among most of them. They love to party or hang out with their peers. Because they attend so many parties and gatherings, they slowly ignore their school...

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