Challenges of Graduate Study

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Challenges and Strategies Students Face During Graduate Studies
Julia Minnocci
January 28, 2013
Tina Sweeney

In today’s society, there are a number of people pursuing a graduate degree. They may be a student who just received their bachelor’s degree and wants to further his or her education. Or, they may be someone who has been in the workforce and decided to go back to school. Either way, these individuals will encounter challenges during their graduate studies and will incorporate strategies to overcome those challenges dependent upon where they are in their lives.

A person who just graduated college and is acquiring their graduate degree may encounter different challenges from a person who has been in the workforce and is returning to acquire his or her graduate degree. First, they may be single or married, and they do not have any children; therefore, their challenges may be social challenges, which affect their lifestyle. According to Tongerloo (2010), when a person decides to attend graduate school, they may lose many friends because it is difficult to make appointments with and spend time together. The student needs to limit the time they talk with friends whether that be via e-mail or phone because they need to focus (Tongerloo, 2010). A second challenge is contact with family. They may only be home on the weekends, and it is often the first time they are living without their parents during the week. They are used to seeing them every morning, evening, and many other moments of the day. They can still make a phone call to hear their voice or to ask advice, but they have to take care of themselves (Tongerloo, 2010). A third challenge, the student has to work a vacation or weekend job. According to Tongerloo (2010), many students who have trouble to...

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