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Topics: Graduate school, Postgraduate education, College Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The decision to pursue a graduate degree can be the most rewarding experience you would have to make throughout your life. It can also means making sacrifices, reducing the time you spend with family or friends, time management, and developing organizational skills. Time management is very important in graduate school as it requires you to stay organized in knowing when your assignments are due and completing them in a timely manner. Knowing about the program that interest you and understanding its qualifications can also help make your preparation for graduate school a success. According to Dr. Emily Head, Graduate Writing Center, All writing must demonstrate good mechanical skills including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I think this is essential in writing a good paper. When writing at the graduate level, the writer should use critical thinking skills to include organizing the discussion into logical points, establish clear ideas, and citing information to support an argument or ideas. Secondly, the writer should do research, this allows the writer to gather information as it relates to the topic being discussed. Thirdly, the writer should maintain academic integrity. According to Guide to Intellectual Property for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Students published by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies. “Academic integrity is the respect for standards in your intellectual community and for the work done by you and others, as demonstrated in the honesty and quality of your work”. I think this is really important as a writer. A writer should never take credit for someone else’s work as this is called plagiarism. It is important to always cite were you got the information properly to avoid plagiarism. Adhering to a proper style of writing, called academic style, allows the audience to get a clear understanding of what it is that you are writing. Writing a paper at a graduate level differs from other forms of writing because the length and the...
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