A Report on Exploring Distribution Channel of Grameen Phone

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A Report on
Exploring Distribution Channel
Grameen Phone


A Report on
Exploring Distribution Channel of
Grameen Phone

Submitted To
Dr. Md. Baktiar Rana
Course Title: Marketing Channel Management
Course Code: MKT 403

Submitted By
Aniqa Tahsin Anchal(787)
Md. Shafaeth Zaman(802)
Nafiz Imtiaz Noor(816)
Md. Ashiqul Islam(1332)
Md. Aftarul Islam(1981)

Date of Submission
22nd February, 2014

Institute of Business Administration,
Jahangirnagar University


February 22, 2014
Dr. Md. Baktiar Rana
Course Instructor
Marketing Channel Management (MKT 403)
Institute of Business Administration , Jahangirnagar University

Subject: Submission of report on Distribution Channel

It is my sincere pleasure to submit the report on Marketing Channel titled “Exploring Distribution Channel of Grameen Phone”. This report is submitted as part of the partial fulfillment of the course Marketing Channel Management (course title MKT 403).

This report aims to explore the marketing distribution channel in telecommunication sector. The telecommunication sector is big and complex, so this report maintained its focus mainly on one telecommunication provider that has established itself as one of the premier brand in the industry. We tried to give an industry overview, portray the channel participants, the power structure of the distribution channel.

I hope this report will merit your approval.

Sincerely yours
Nafiz Imtiaz Noor
On behalf of Group-1
20th Batch
BBA Program


Making a Report is such a thing of pleasure. But doing this is also a tough thing. With the help of some people we finally were able to finish the task that was assigned to us by the course instructor Dr. Md. Baktiar Rana. While doing this Report we faced some problems and with the help of those people we overcame those problems. For that, we are really grateful to some guys. And we want to acknowledge our gratitude to them. First of all, we would like to thank the almighty Allah.

We express our heartiest gratitude to our course instructor Dr. Md. Baktiar Rana, Jahangirnagar University for his valuable guidance, scholarly direction and unconditional support during the preparation of this Report. We have learnt a great deal from him.

We would also like to express our sense of gratitude and appreciation to Md. Nazmul Islam, Director, Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University. We would also like to thank Md. Al Mamun Romel, Manager, Grameen Phone for his guidance & sincere help.

Some friends contributed with ideas and suggestions that enhanced this Report. We would like to thank the people who provided discerning comments and suggestion. Finally, we owe a debt to some people who helped us to finish the Report. In short, we hope the dedication of this Report to them can acknowledge and offset the sacrifice they have had to make.

All the group members were really co-operative. They did their work very comfortably.


Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
1.1 About the topic
1.2 Origin of the study
1.3 Objectives of the report
1.4 Scope of the report
1.5 Research Methodology
1.6 Sources of Data Collection
1.7 Limitations
2.0 Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh
2.1 Telecommunication
2.2 Structure
2.3 PSTN
2.4 Mobile phone operators
3.0 Competitive analysis of telecom industry
4.0 Grameen Phone at a glance
4.1 Organizational History
4.2Mission of Grameen Phone
4.3 Vision of Grameen Phone
4.4 Purpose of Grameen Phone
4.5 The business slogan
4.6 Network coverage of Grameen Phone
5.0 SWOT analysis of Grameen Phone
5.1 Network & Network Coverage of
5.2 Largest Geographical Coverage:
5.3 Position in the market for GrameenPhone
5.4 Market Boundary
6.0 General Industry Distribution Channel
7.0 Grameen Phone Distribution System
7.1 Grameenphone’s Distribution System
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