A Reflection of " the Hours"

Topics: Virginia Woolf, Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 19, 2013
A Reflection of " The Hours"
After watching the film, I was overwhelmed by the plot which expressed the difficulties these three women faced in their families, their societies and even their lives. The stories of these three women, Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf and Vanessa Bell, were perfectly interweaved that it's not until watching through the end of the film that I realized they lived in different times. However, the close intertexture of the three women pertinently shows the similar tough situation women confront with from then until now. Without violence, obvious discrimination and serious constraint, at first, I was curious about the pressure and the struggles of them. Nevertheless, when I finished watching the film and thought over the question, I realized that there are lots of invisible pressure put on women by their loved ones and the society. Furthermore, to my surprise, love sometimes becomes the most torturous burden for women. Take Virginia Woolf for example, her husband's endless and considerable love for her seemed to be a invisible cage which bind her body and confine her own mind. Also, Leonard Woolf's seemed perfect life with successful husband and lovely children turned to be the torment which limited her freedom. As for Vanessa Bell, her love for Richard influenced her life for many years. Companied with social stereotypes, those things made them become the prisoners in love. However, in the film, these three women had different choices when they facing these difficulties and struggles in their lives: Virginia chose to end her own life by walking into the river, Leonard decided to abandon her husband and two children for seeking herself and Vanessa started to rethink what she really wants. Though the decisions they made are totally different, I found several similarities among their selections, which are their bravery to confront their problems as well as their courage to treat their feelings honestly. No matter what decisions they...
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