A Rasin in the Sun

Topics: A Raisin in the Sun, African American, Attention Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Austin Mejia
Period 8
Mr. D’Gata
Essay Question Number 2
In Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, one of the main characters is Beneatha Younger. She is a young African American woman who is studying to be a doctor. She has been seeing two men and they both have a pretty big influence on her and her family. One of them is a better influence than the other.

One of the men that Beneatha is seeing is George Murchison. He is a very affluent African American man who is currently in college and is very snooty. He does not treat Beneatha seriously and is very pretentious and does not appreciate what he has. He has a conflict with her brother Walter when Walter makes fun of his shoes. George makes Walter feel small and stupid. This shows that he does not treat ertothers right and is very self-centered. Because he treats Beneatha like a child, she is constantly doing new things to impress others, even though she says he is shallow and she is only interested in him for his money.

Furthermore the other man that Beneatha is seeing Joseph Asagi, an immigrant from Nigeria. He is also well off, but is also very smart and kind. He does not always take Beneatha seriously and still views her as a child in some ways, but is more respectful about it and it is one of the reasons he likes her. Asagi also gets along better with the Younger’s than George does. Beneatha also like Asagi more for his personality rather than his wealth.

In addition, the two men both treat Beneatha as a child because she does act like one even, if she does not want to admit. For example, she is always trying new things and never sticking with any of them, just like a kid would do; they play with something for a while then when they get bored with it they move to something else. Even though she acts like this, she does have real dreams and Joseph Asagi does support her.

In conclusion, Joseph Asagi is the better man for Beneatha and he lets her express herself more and really likes...
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