Raisin in the Sun-English

Topics: Apartment, Alcoholic beverage, Father Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: January 10, 2013
“Mom we have to do something with the $10,000 what do you want to do with it”, I wish my family had $10,000 and needed my help to find out what to do with it. I probably would open up a family store or something. After viewing the movie and reading the play that was a good idea with what the mom planned to do but Walter should have never opened the liquor store after mom was undecided about getting one, but she let him do it anyway. In the play the entire story happens in the Youngers living room, in Chicago Southside where in the 1950s it was the home of poor, black people. The film had different sets, Walter’s and Ruth’s bedroom, Beneatha’s and Mama’s bedroom, the bar, Walter at work, and the new house. In the film the bar is called the Kitty Cat while in the play the bar is called the Green Hat. In the film mom leaves the apartment to go get Walter out of the bar. While in the bar, Mama gives him $6,500 rolled up in a big roll and tells him “he can be the head of this family from now on.” The play and the film show the exuberance of Beneatha’s character. The movie and the play both takes place in Chicago’s Southside. The majority of the action takes place in a cramped and shabby apartment. While the movie has some minor characters added, the major characters (Walter, Mama, Ruth Beneatha, and Travis) remain the same. Both is a family who must decide what to do with $10,000 life insurance policy left by the father. Suggestions were made and final, mom got the new house and Walter opened up the liquor store with his friends. He should’ve never done a business with them because they ran off with the money. So everything went how it was planned even though those happen with Walter.
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