A Project on “Energy and Technological Assessment for Prospective Railway Technology in Nepal“

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A Project on “Energy and technological assessment for prospective Railway technology in Nepal“

Submitted By: Rajib Kumar Hyoju (068/MsTIM/157) Rajendra Bahadur Thapa (068/MsTIM/156) Sudip Joshi (068/MsTIM/165)

Submitted To: Prof. Amrit Man Nakarmi Coordinator, Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management

May, 2012

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Prof. Amrit Man Nakarmi, Co-ordinator of Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management (MsTIM) program for providing us an opportunity to do our project work on “Energy and technological assessment for prospective Railway technology in Nepal”. This project bears on imprint of many peoples. We sincerely thank to our other teachers for their valuable feedbacks and encouragement in carrying out this project work. We express our sincere thanks to the Department of Railway, Government of Nepal for encouraging us. We would like to thank Mr. Krishna Raj Bajgain, Trade and Export Promotion Centre, Nepal for encouraging and providing data. We would like to thank Traffic Police Office, Ram Shah Path for coordination on providing data of traffic inflow and outflow in Kathmandu Valley. We cannot forget to give sincere thank to our friends circle in Google+ and Facebook, who expressed their valuable opinion in the polls. Last but not the least, we wish to avail ourselves of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to our friends for their manual support, strength, help and for everything.

Sincerely, Rajib Kumar Hyoju Rajendra Bahadur Thapa Sudip Joshi MsTIM-2011


Executive Summary
Nepal is a landlocked country and one of the least developed countries. The development of any country depends upon the energy availability and the energy costs. At present energy is scarce resources and one of the top issues in the world .The transportation system of Nepal is totally dependent on the petroleum products imported from the neighbor country. Also the trend of vehicles imported is exponential. The investment in the petroleum product increases yearly and in recent year it has increased nearly 30% which cost about 58.25 billion rupees in 8 months of 2068/69. The imported energy which comes here is mostly from the exchange of remittance earned by pouring sweats in aboard countries. This fuel energy is mostly used for transportation. Whenever there is increase in the price of petroleum product in international market, it has a direct impact in Nepal in all sectors from socio economical to the political sector. Nepal has already witness a number of strikes due to increase in petroleum prices. In order to reduce this impact the country have to make a shift in transportation system by adopting clean electrical vehicle system and one of the best known reliable transportation system for mass transportation with significant speed is electrical railway. Although Nepal have capacity to generate 43,000 MW (economically feasible) of electricity, only about 650 (hydro power) MW has been generated at present. So, there is a huge chance for the sustainable development of the country through extracting the electricity energy from Hydropower sector in Nepal. Nepal can save 400,000 KL of diesel import in an annual year 2078 even if it is successful to replace 30% diesel fuel energy by electrical energy. Since the electrical railway is driven from clean source of energy it has an opportunity to save carbon emission also. If 30% of diesel fuel is saved in the year 2078, it creates an opportunity to reduce 2.32 million ton of CO2 emission in the environment. Although the infrastructure cost of the railway is high but there are long term benefits from it. It can bring the change in the dimension of our economy. It will help to boost up the industry sector by providing stable and comparatively low transportation freight cost. Since the price of electricity...
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