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Optical Fiber Project & its Impact
Background In the initial days, the backhaul of telecom equipments relied on microwave and satellite communication. The rapid proliferation of various telecom technologies and the desire to penetrate larger market segments resulted in high national and international traffic. The high cost of space segments for statellite communications and limited capacity of Microwave links compelled Nepal Telecom to embrace the optical fiber deployment to cater high volumes of traffic. Nepal Telecom being the incumbent operator also had the social responsibility of reducing the existing tariff. Consequently, the East West Optical Fiber (EWOF)SDH project became a milestone and left various positive impacts to transfer the life of Nepalese cities into a modern era of Information. Introduction As a part of 7th Telecom Development Project of Nepal Telecom, East West Optical Fibre SDH project laid Optical Fiber information superhighway along the East West highway from Bhadrapur in the East to Lamahi in the west, Kathmandu to Hetauda and from Kohalpur to Nepalgunj in the west, connecting most of the major cities of Nepal . This project is also taken as a symbol of cooperation between Governments of India and Nepal . Government of India had appointed Telecommunications Consultant India Limited (TCIL) as the executing agency of the project. The first phase of the project was signed in 12th Sep. 2002 between TCIL and NTC. The part of project worth Indian rupees 74.48 was funded by the Government of India at the same time Nepal Telecom invested Nepalese rupees 40 crores to provide the basic infrastructure to accommodate the network. The project was developed on Turn-Key basis. The procurement, delivery, installation, commissioning of SDH equipment, optical fiber cable, ducts and GI pipes had been carried by TCIL. The link between Kathmandu to Hetauda is Optical fiber composite overhead...
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