A Personal Utopia, Analysis of

Topics: Sacrifice, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: October 8, 1999
A Personal Utopia:
An Analysis of a Key Passage in Brave New World
The key passage of Aldous Huxley's Brace New World takes place after John has been arrested and is a conversation with Mond. When John and Mond speak of ideal societies, a major part of Brave New World, the aspect of human nature which makes us search continuously for our personal Utopia, becomes apparent. In Mond's study, the sacrifices each character makes in order to find a Utopia are interconnected. The search for a personal Utopia reveals Huxley's view on human nature of sacrificing everything to live with self-fulfillment. The connection of the sacrifices each character makes is shown in the study, helping the reader understand that it is human nature to sacrifice something to live a more fulfilling life. One sees that all, except Helmholtz and John, are willing to give up an important part of them so they can feel fulfilled. Mond is willing to sacrifice the one thing dearest to him— science. He says he gave it up in hope of Controllership. He got what he paid for by continuing his interest in science, "By choosing to serve happiness. Other people's—not mine." [235], or by serving stability instead of collapsing the fragile social structure. At the beginning, Bernard was willing to give up his position in the new world so he could further his studies in finding a society more suited to his needs; but, in the end, he did not want to give up his rank and failed in finding an ideal society. It becomes apparent that anyone who will not give up a major part of themself will fail in their quest for a greater society. John is not willing to give up anything, be it antiques to happiness. In the end, however, he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice— his life. By ending his life, he escaped into what his society's religion believed to be a Utopia; it is better known as heaven. Meanwhile, Helmholtz is able to somewhat adapt to any surronding and makes the...
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