A Passage to India Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Paul Ekman Pages: 4 (1663 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The reflection of fear and hope problem in
is a book published in 1924 by E.M Forster which portrays the colonized India under the rule of Britain and further explores the problem whether it’s possible that friendship can be established regardless of the separation of religions and social status. The question deals with the emotion of fear and hope and also the roles they play in the novel. Both of the two emotions here not merely refer to the feelings but also, they reflect the different personal characters and the problems concerned with the social status and cultural background. In this book, fear and hope are conveyed in ways of the expression of the setting and opening passage, detailed description and symbolism. This essay is going to talk about the application and representation of fear and hope, also their roles of deepening the theme of the book.. In >, the opening passage of each chapter lays the foundation for the emotion. Fear and hope are played up via the description of colors and outer environment. Chapter one is very beginning and in consideration of the fact that the readers have no knowledge about text itself, the narrator applies the methods of setting off to let the basic emotion stand out. In the sentences: “There are no bathing steps on the river front, as the Ganges happens not to be holy here”, “In the bazaars there is no painting and scarcely any carving.”, the narrator depicted a whole image and background which is dull, hopeless and without much indication of living. At the very beginning the narrator mentions about “the Marabar Caves” about which “nothing” can be said exactly doesn’t exist. This kind of ironic way opens up the discussion and to some extent indicates the hopelessness. The very first setting of the whole background brings reader to fearful situation but raises the reader the expectancy for the plots to go on and find “hope”. The following paragraphs connect the feelings with specific parts of the components of...
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