A Paper Presentation Contest in Retail Management

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Retailers Association of India (rai) Announces
A Paper Presentation Contest in RETAIL MANAGEMENT

At “Talking Shop” -The RAI-GSB Retail Conclave

Retailers Association of India (rai) announces a Paper Presentation Contest for the management students of B-Schools in Retailing Excellence in India on the occasion of ‘Talking Shop 2010’ to be held from September 29th – 30th, 2010 at Gnanam School of Business,Thanjavur. We invite papers on the following guidelines:

Defined Areas in Retail Management For The Contest :

1. Customer Experience / Loyalty Management in Retailing in India

2. Retail Formats and Their Evolution in India (Malls, Dept. Stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, etc.) or The Role of Retail Formats in Creating Consumer Experience

3. Role of IT in Retailing

4. Creating Retail Store Brands

5. Power Shift From Suppliers To Retailers in India

6. Challenges in Managing People in Modern Retailing in India

7. Merchandising, Buying Practices, Supply Chain Management, Etc. in Retailing in India

8. The Role of Modern Retailing In Increasing Consumption That Impact The Growth of The Economy of India

9. Private Labels in Modern Retailing

10. The Future of E-Tailing or Internet Retailing / Non-store Formats in India

The papers written for the contest have to be within the above areas specified in Retail Management in India.

Written Presentation Rules

1. General Format: Papers must be submitted as Word Document / Portable Document Format (PDF), single- spaced and formatted for A4 paper. The body must be 2,500 to 3,000 words — over/under results in penalty (with the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Tables, and Figures, this is about 7 pages). The optional Appendices must not exceed 5 pages.

2. Style: While third person is preferable, first person is acceptable if it enhances clarity or readability (e.g., “our team” or “I” vs. “the author”). Active voice and a tight writing style enhance paper quality.

3. Structure: Include the following, in the order listed.

Title page: The title is concise, but conveys the subject. List on separate lines: title, author name(s), principal author’s Student status, B- school name, and topic of the paper.

Table of Contents: Use formal format, with page numbers.

Abstract: In 100 words or less, briefly state the problem or objective and summarize the results or conclusion, touching upon details only if they are particularly significant.

Introduction: Explain the significance of the paper; summarize what the paper will deliver.

One-way: Briefly explain the problem and then how the paper will address it.

Body: Provide the subject arguments in logical sequence, with supporting data.

Conclusions: Summarize the major points of the paper.

Originality statement: Briefly explain the originality of the paper and project.

Acknowledgments: Briefly list specific contributions of each author and of supportive parties.

References: List the literature used to develop the paper. Number references consecutively and follow this form:

Periodical: Bhishma C. Kukreti (name of author), The Significance of Modern Formats in Retailing (the topic), “Advertising Express” (name of periodical), pp, 19 – 21 (particular page numbers), October 2005 (issue date).

Book: Thomas A. Edison (name of author), Retail Management (title of the book), John Wiley and Sons, Inc.(name of publication), New York (place of publication), pp. 170-171 (particular page numbers), 1998 (year of publication).

Article: B. Lawrence, B.H. Krishnan, and M.Hariraman (names of authors), “Malls: A Study of The Success Factors of Destination Retailing in India” (title of the article), Journal of Indian Retailing (Journal’s name), pp. 64-69 (particular page...

References: Book: Thomas A. Edison (name of author), Retail Management (title of the book), John Wiley and Sons, Inc.(name of publication), New York (place of publication), pp. 170-171 (particular page numbers), 1998 (year of publication).
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