A Love Affair

Topics: Love, Time, Taste Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: November 2, 2009
Most significant moments in our lives can also be associated with food. The birth of a child inspires loved ones to stockpile the new parents' kitchen with congratulatory blessings of scrumptious casseroles and desserts. Mandatory sugary confections commemorate birthdays and anniversaries. A couples' new life together is first celebrated with slews of edible delights and ostentatious cakes. Tragically, even death is marked with food furnished out of love and sympathy for the family. In the lives of most American's, the food that is supposed to provide sustenance can also provide so much more. Food can be an experience, companionship, satisfaction, comfort, and even intoxication. When my marriage ended, food took up residence to occupy the new hole in my life.

It all started a few lonely days after I was established and un-packed in my new apartment. Earlier in the day I bought groceries to stock the new refrigerator. While I numbly placed items into my cart to nourish myself and my three girls, I couldn't resist the silent, enticing call from the ice cream aisle. Deciding on a flavor of ice cream was a monumental decision to which I heavily weighed. Ben and Jerry take their ice cream making seriously and my choices were endless. My taste buds finally settled on Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio, which is a creative concoction of Pistachio flavored ice cream mixed with lightly roasted Pistachio nuts. As I mindlessly went through the rest of my menial tasks that the day required, my mind couldn't help but wander to the impending date that I was going to have with Mr. Pistachio once my children were in bed. I finally had something to look forward to that evening; a chance to share my evening on the couch with something other than myself and the remote control.

I decided to go all out for Mr. Pistachio, so after the kids were bathed and in bed, I took a long hot bath, dressed in my most comfortable pajamas and I was ready for my night to...
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