A long way gone

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World Literature
03 December 2013

A long Way Gone 75% check, 100-151
1. Nauseated (verb) - to feel disgust. “Something inside his brain was still pulsating and he was breathing. I felt nauseated” (Beah 100). 2. Garrison (noun) - a body of troops stationed in a fortified place. “The soldiers set up their garrison in another unfinished brick house, and there they, socialized separate from the civilians” (Beah 101). 3. Jubilation (noun) - a feeling of or the expression of joy. “Their jubilation and clapping could be heard far down the river” (Beah 102). 4. Agonizing (adj) - accompanied by. “… I had witnessed, and the agonizing voices of children and women would come alive in my head” (Beah 103). 5. Bayonets (noun) - a dagger like steel weapon that is attached to or at the muzzle of a gun and used for stabbing or slashing in hand-to-hand combat. “Their bayonets hung by the sides of their army trousers as they stoop still” (Beah 103).

1. Ishmeal is trying to tell the reader his by saying “we slept in abandoned villages, where we lay on the bare ground and hoped that the following day we would be able to find something other than raw cassava to eat” (Beah 26). 2. Ishmeal had no food to eat “We got hungrier day after day, to the point that our stomachs were hurting and our visions blurred at times” (Beah 27).

1. Ishmeal heard “Gunshots erupted nearby, and the soldiers began to move, taking the six of us with them” (Beah 100). 2. Ishmeal and the other people he was with were worried “But gradually the smiles on people’s faces assured us that there was nothing to worry about anymore” (Beah 102). Logos

1. Ishmeal had disturbing thoughts so didn’t want to get those thoughts so “I liked busying myself with work all day, going back and forth to the river and continuously washing dishes. It was the only distract myself from the thoughts that were giving me severe headaches” (Beah 102). 2. Ishmeal used to play soccer in his town and “the...
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