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A Life That Was Constantly Happy Was Not a Good Life

By azmeermn Jul 04, 2010 1243 Words

A life that is just constantly happy would eventually get boring because we wouldn't appreciate how wonderful it is, it would all feel the same eventually. Plus, without having some sadness in our lives, how could we truly know the meaning of real happiness. Constant happiness would be like living like a robot. So, I agreed with Professor George Lowenstein that in his statement ‘A life that was constantly happy was not a good life’.

My experience and adventures called life in its whole translation is not just constructed upon happiness. To experience life and all that it has to offer, one needs to also experience sadness and every emotion that develops. Though I know most individuals seek happiness in life, one needs to have the awareness and understanding that life is "good" even when happiness does not enter the picture. For an individual to constantly be "happy" in life, they miss the despair of seeing the harshness of reality that this life does offer. Seeing a child in a third world country hopping on one leg and fighting a group of children for a handful of fish because he has not ate in two days does not bring happiness to me. (That example was from a documentary called "Darwin's Nightmare".)

A life that was constantly happy was a very fortunate life so therefore it should only be a good thing to be constantly fortunate in life, even into its best. We can also learn from being steadily happy. However we may all know that there is no such thing as constantly happy in life. We adjust ourselves up to with those ups and downs.

I feel like if we don't experience the full range of emotions, the happiness that we feel constantly might become flat. We might start taking it for granted, and sadness just makes the happiness that much better’. If our life is good, then it all seems normal routine when we do something fun, let's say we go surfing every week, it's all normal for us and it could even get boring!

If someone has a true happy life constantly, how can they gauge the true happiness in it, if there are no ups and downs, how can one say that they are truly happy if they don't know anything else. The person has been cheated out of the fullness of what a real life experiences in reality. What if something bad finally happened, that person would not know where to begin on how to fix it, due to no struggles, no survival skills, and would not be able to get their life back on the happy track without someone else's assistance.

If a person were constantly happy, then they would be spoiled and not take advantage of all those valuable life lessons. Only through experience could a person truly appreciate happiness and therefore live their life to the fullest.

Because we don't realize our happy if you're not aware of other feelings. So without a feeling of well FEELING it's not a good life, we could even argue it's not a life at all. Because then it's not life. Life is going through tough things and crying and having someone wipe the snot from our nose with their sweater. Because that shows love. And if you're always happy, you can never learn from the tough times. SNOT = LOVE

It is infeasible to go through life being constantly happy without any bad occurring in our life. There can't be good without bad. I imagine the philosophy that if a person had no challenges or any negative events in his or her lifetime, it's highly likely that this person will commit suicide. Heck, have they ever learned? Think about it. The learning process comes from experience. Our experience causes our emotions. There is a disease for people who are excessively happy for no reason. I cannot recall what it is, but too much of anything can be a disease. Human beings experience a variety of experiences and emotions. You can't cry forever it's just not possible. However, you can get MOST of the good in your life or you can get most of the bad depending on what you choose. For the majority of our life may be depress and miserable. I was once happy and energetic and I believe that I can be that person again. It's all about the yin yang concept’ I agree. I think it's important to have lows because without a bad day, how would you know what a good day is? You need one to have the other. Someone who says they have had a consistently happy life might not have had a good life at all

Considering my own life, I have concluded that pain is nature's way of telling us that something's wrong. And what's wrong needs correcting. Pain is inevitable and not at all desirable, and the notion that pain is a value in and of itself seems to me just a coping mechanism

For a life to be constantly happy, the person must have tasted pain. True happiness cannot be judged unless the person has had a contrast to the happiness, for how can they know happiness if they have not known unhappiness?

I agree, if you have to much of one or the other you would tend to become bored or unhappy so balancing the highs and lows tends to help you get Thur life. Isn't that what's life all about anyway? Does this make any séance?

Let's say (my life).. you sit in your room all day philosophy about things and getting angry at the world for being crazy / insane or whatever...

When you go out... like... surfing... nice example... You feel amazed by the fun you're having...

Even though a happy life is more fun

He said what I've always said to people. If you are always happy then you don't know the difference between being happy and sad. When you don't know the difference then you really don't know that you are happy either. You need to have been sad to know what it feels like so that you can see the difference between happy and sad.

If you are always happy then it becomes the ordinary, the ordinary is the everyday and the mundane and it lacks any greater importance. If you are always happy then happiness will lose its meaning, and when that happens you are no longer living a good life.

A good life has ups and downs, things that reminds you of the bad things and helps you appreciate the good things in your life.

I also suspect that many of those that complain about their lives and are very negative about just about anything in this world today are those that has had it too well and have never had anything truly bad to compare things with. How can they say that life suck when they have a home, food, clothes, education/job, family, friends, they're healthy and they spend several hours a day online? I'm thinking that it's because they don't know how it's like when things truly suck. They are living such good lives that they can't appreciate what they have.

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