What Is Constitutes Real Happiness?

Topics: Human rights, United States Declaration of Independence, Happiness Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: April 9, 2012
What is Constitutes Real Happiness?
I think that all men are created equal and the Creator gave us life with the pursuit of happiness at the same time. In order to have privileges from ruling powers, the Declaration of Independence was entirely appropriate for their situation which is having unreasonable position. As I made this assignment, several questions came to mind. How can I live without having rights and enjoying liberty? Rights and liberty are the people’s basic human rights. If they do not have both of them, will not to make their happy life. For instance, my country, Korea, experienced same event when the Japanese colonial period. We had been involved with the human rights movement for a long time, even risking our life, because we all desired happiness. So, I can say independence is related to happiness. By the time the Declaration of Independence was adopted, the American people may have died from frequent war and independence movement. Could American people be happy in that confusing situation? Happiness, of course, is around us like when we are eating delicious food or watching comedy show. However what I am saying at this point, the meaning of happiness which contains rights and liberty is different from to make a simple choice to be happy. By the way, is happiness the same for everybody? I don’t altogether agree with this mention. As I said above, basically, everyone has the right to be happy. In addition, each person has different points of view and a standard of value variously. For example, my friend likes to climb a mountain to breathe fresh air and see flowers for relaxing. But, climbing a mountain will not be happy to me because I have no interested in climbing. In other words, there are subjectively various ways of getting happiness. Therefore, the people can live a happy life even though there are different ways to get happy.

Lastly, Helen Keller left a famous saying, “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true...
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