A Letter From My Bedroom

Topics: Writing, Education, Essay Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Dear the great and knowledgeable Ms. Lawson,
While lying in my bed on a Thursday night, I came across the letter discussing the many complaints about the students’ grades and other claims in regards to the AP Language class. As a student in this course, there are many assignments that I must complete. However, I do also have other assignments that require a heavy amount of time and focus, which I am sure you can understand the struggle a student may have when taking two or more AP classes. But, since you have taken time out of your busy day to write this letter, I feel as if I should do the same for you in what I hope you may find very respectful.

Before I come to address the actual letter, I would like to share with you the reasons why I myself decided to take this class. During my sophomore year, I found that I took a liking to literature and my English class. One of the main reasons I took interest to this class was because I’ve always enjoyed different genres of books and I’ve especially enjoyed writing over the years. I felt that this class could definitely improve my writing skills and allow me to widen the genres that I read. My determination to improve is what led me to want to be in this class. I knew that by taking at least two AP classes, I would have a great amount of work to complete. But, I am always up for a challenge and being in these AP classes has provided more than enough challenge for this year and these AP classes will better prepare me for college.

In regards to the letter, I was actually surprised to see that you felt that the students complaints need to die down because it is “disrupting the learning environment” and that you felt as if your given rules and meticulous expectations should be “peacefully obeyed.” In a structured system such as the system our school is currently run under, “rebelling” is extremely crucial and has become an essential to running a productive system. Nevertheless, I am not encouraging hostile acts in...
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