A Lesson Before Dying: the Theme of Education

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 4 (613 words) Published: October 22, 2008
The theme of education, learning, teaching, being a teacher, who is educated and why,

runs throughout the novel A Lesson Before Dying. The attainment of knowledge influences

Grant, Jefferson, Vivian, and Reverend Ambrose differently throughout the novel. Grant, Vivian,

Jefferson, and Reverend Ambrose all struggle to do what they feel is right based on what they

each individually know. Knowledge is the familiarity gained by sight, experience, and truth of a

particular subject. With knowledge comes education.

Grant is a school teacher that teaches the children in the quater reading, writing, and

arithmetics. In the beggining of the novel Grant is depicted to be educated because he is a black

man who took it upon himself to better his life. But Grant has no faith in God. All Grant knows

is how to be a teacher, not how to teach someone to be a man because he doesn't know exactly

what a man is, and not how to teach someone to have faith when he himself doesn't.

Jefferson is someone who is thought the be the stereotypical "nigger" and hog to the white

men. Jefferson was wrongly accused of murder. After Jefferson gets sentenced to death by

electrocution, he acts like the hog the white men said he was because Jefferson thinks being

a man is for the living. Jefferson will never be able to go back to what he knows or the life he

had. Despite Jefferson's situation, Jefferson became a braver man that any other black man was

able to be by walking straight to his death.

Reverend Ambrose is the local black preacher for the church. Reverend Ambose has little

education but he knows his people. His, and his people's main motivation is their faith in God.

Reverend Ambrose thinks it is best for Jefferson to have his soul saved before he dies.

Ambrose thinks that saving Jefferson's soul will make him a man. Reverend Ambrose and Grant

have different views on what is best for Jefferson because of...
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