A Dolphin's Nightmare

Topics: Dolphin, Government of Japan, Ethos Pages: 2 (1448 words) Published: October 24, 2014

A Dolphin’s Nightmare
The makers of The Cove effectively use ethos, logos, and pathos, as a call to action to end the annual slaughter of twenty thousand dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Though faced with many challenges due to the perverse Japanese government the filmmakers were able to portray the nightmare these dolphins endure. Through the use of ethos, Ric O’Barry, Louie Psihoyos, and the Oceanic Preservation Society put together a brilliant film that shows the world the horrors that take place in this small town. The use of logos captures the loss of innocent lives exclusively for human amusement. Psihoyos also plays on pathos as a way to show the tranquil nature these creatures normally obtain in the wild but lack when put into captivity. The use of ethos was shown through the extensive cast of characters. The films idea is owed to Ric O’Barry: an activist who started out working with dolphins on the television show Flipper back in 1964. Not long after he started on the show he became the world’s most famous dolphin trainer. However, after his favorite dolphin’s death he realized the cruelty brought by captivity. With the discovery that captivity is no life for a dolphin he made it his life mission to end what he had started. O’Barry spent his first ten years building up the captivity business, and the last thirty-five tearing it down. What makes him a reliable source is that he walked away from this multi-billion dollar industry of which he was a large beneficiary. Furthermore, Louie Psihoyos is the man behind the making of The Cove. Through his passion to restore ocean deficiencies he founded the Oceanic Preservation Society. Through O.P.S. he tries to encourage people to save the oceans through the media, holding fundraiser events, and educating people of the problems going on in the world in hope that it will inspire someone to take action. During the movie he states that he didn’t want to just capture the slaughter, he wanted to capture something that...
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