A Day In The Life

Topics: Odor, Olfaction, Sun Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 23, 2014
I awoke to the penetrating glare of the sun, felt it crawl along my whiskers rising higher and higher with each passing minute. The sun weaved through Ada's blinds like smoke seeping through the room in strands of light that lingered peacefully in the crisp autumn air. I stood stretching and testing each and every sinew as feeling and strength slowly returned to my limbs. As I shook off sleep my senses became more and more attuned. I could hear the loud chattering of pigeons on the roof and see the dust as it danced in the sunlight’s gaze. Gracefully I made my way to the window sill, leaping through the air clawing the wood for purchase as I landed. The top window was slightly askew letting fresh air through in small bursts allowing me to catch scents from the city. I could smell the harbour, fresh fish and sea salt clouding my mind. I caught a new smell it smelled like damp rot and caused a sharp turning pain in the pit of my stomach, I turned my gaze to the source of the odour. Ada sat, peacefully as ever perched upon her chair. This new scent hung like a veil encompassing Ada causing my nose to wrinkle in disgust as I crept closer towards her along the sill. She sat as always perched comfortably in the chair her face was slack and relaxed, as peacefully she rested sleeping it seemed. She was a short and stout lady with shoulder length hair gunmetal grey combed neatly and parted to the right, one thin brown pin pulling her fringe back on the left of her face. She had round spectacles which perched upon the bridge of her nose tilted and slightly askew they framed her way worn eyes, softly shut in quite meditation. I came ever closer the scent growing with every step a truly pungent mix of rot and decay. I could see her skin clearly now like rough parchment flecked mercilessly with brown dots of age it sat loosely strewn atop her features haphazardly, carelessly placed it seemed not quite as it should be. I realised now that something was off, a glance at her...
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