A Comparative Investigation of Experts Viewpoints About Impediments of Sponsors Attraction to Iran’s Professional Football

Topics: Management, Psychometrics, Tabriz Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: April 2, 2013
A Comparative Investigation of Experts Viewpoints about Impediments of Sponsors Attraction to Iran’s Professional Football

Mehdi Azadan1, Fariba Askarian2, Rahim Ramezani Nejad3, Malek Azadan4

1. Ph.D student, Tarbiat Modarres University mehdi.azadan@modares.ac.ir

2. Associate Professor, Tabriz University

3. Associate Professor, Guilan University

4. M.A, Guilan University


The purpose of this study was to compare the viewpoints of experts about the impediments of sponsors attraction to Iran's professional football. The survey research design was used with a sample size of 116 broken down to 18 club managers, 40 sports management experts, 40 marketing experts, and 18 sponsor managers. Investigator-made questionnaire was used for data collection, where its face and content validity was confirmed by sports management and marketing instructors and its reliability was estimated 0.84 through Cronbach's alpha method. To test the research hypotheses, we employed Cruscal-Wallis, Klomogrov-Smirnov, and Kendall's W methods (P≤0.05)

The study shows that respondents prioritized the impediments of ‎sponsors attraction to Iran's professional football differently. ‎According to this finding, social indexes, managerial indexes, club-‎related indexes, and sponsor-related –indexes were the most ‎important impediments respectively.‎

Further there was a significant difference between the prioritization ‎of impediments of sponsors attraction from the point of view of club ‎managers, sports management experts, marketing experts, and ‎sponsor managers. Club managers prioritized sponsor-related, social, ‎club-related, and managerial indexes respectively as impediments. ‎Sports management experts prioritized managerial, social, club-‎related, and sponsor-related indexes as impediments. From the point ‎of view of marketing experts, sponsor-related, club-related, social, ‎and managerial indexes were the most important...
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