A Bronx Tale movie

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A Bronx Tale

This movie took me back when I was still a young man, trying to find my individuality. I remember comparing my father with people I admired. Although I hate to admit it I wanted to be more like those people than like my father just like C wanted to be like Sunny. Today I am a father myself and certainly don't want to see my kid hanging around with another person trying to take my place as a father, especially if this person is doing bad stuff ; just like Lorenzo tried to keep C away from Sunny.

A Bronx Tale is a great movie. In one hand, we have the father Lorenzo. Hard working bus driver, traditional Italian who works hard every day to provide a decent live for the family and keep them away from troubles. He must fight to keep his son C on the right path away from Sonny. On the other hand, we have Sonny, who is though local mob boss. He is likeable but dangerous and doesn't trust anybody. Lorenzo and Sunny are worlds apart but have one thing in common, they both want C to stay out of trouble and finish his school. Young Calogero is a curios young boy who secretly runs into the bar where local criminals gather. He knows everybody's name, status in the mafia hierarchy, and the way they act. But more than anything he likes observing Sunny and imitates him. C opts to disobey and lie his parents.

Both men, the Father Lorenzo and Sunny the mob boss have their significant influence on young Calogero. I certainly like the way Lorenzo treats his son. He is very patient with C. He tells him that the saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and apparently young C just like every other kid has dreams. Sonny, on the other hand, doesn't have a kid and when he gets to know C better he starts to like this little boy. C, of course, enjoys the attention he gets from Sunny. He doesn't want C to be like him. He wants him to stay clean out of trouble. But also unconsciously Sonny influences C to want money, be liked, and to have a good status on the street....
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