A Brief of Business Modeling

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Hanoi University
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Business Modeling

STUDENT FULL NAME ___________________________________________ID______________MAJOR:______

TUTOR:_________________________________ TUT:_______ DATE: ______________ TIME: 30 MINS

- You are required to complete the midterm test (including section A and B) by using Excel. - During the test, you must not communicate with your friends under any form. Please refer to the invigilator if you experience any problem. - If you are found cheating, or opening any program other than Excel, you will be asked to go out and receive 0 (Zero) for your midterm test.

A. Preparation [1.25 mark]
1. Open Excel 2007. Make sure not to open any other program. [0 mark] 2. Create a new Excel file, save it as “StudentID_Your name_Tut no_first OR second section.xls”. For example, 0904010050_Nguyen Van A_Tut 1_1.xls. [0.25 mark] 3. Delete all worksheet except one, rename it “Student profile”. Make the worksheet tab red [0.25 mark] 4. In “Student profile”, write your name, major, student type (standard / second major / transferring / etc.), ID, tut number, your session, date and time of the test. [0.5 mark] 5. Insert a new worksheet named “Midterm test”. [0.25 mark]

B. Problem [ 8.75 mark ]
In the “Midterm test” worksheet, create one model to solve the following problem: As of Jan 1st, 2011, you want to buy a car and are given two payment methods as follow: A1. Pay now: to pay VND 500 million

A2. Pay by annuity: to pay for 5 years, each year pays 3 times at the beginning of each period. The amount paid each time is VND 44 million. Regardless of your choice, the first payment will occur today. Using your information, you estimate that the interest rates of the next 5 years are most likely be i1=14%, i2=13%, i3=15%, i4=16%, and i5=17%. Current interest rate is 12% Requirements:

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