A Brief Analysis of the Different Translations on the First Part of the Novel Pride and Prejudice

Topics: Jane Austen, Translation, Novel Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: March 30, 2011
A brief analysis of the different translations on the first part of the novel Pride and prejudice Number: 20091105016 name: Xing Yan
Pride and Prejudice is the representative works of the 18th century English novelist Jane Austen. This novel describes four different kinds of marriages and exposes the crucial function of money both in the marriage and the relationship between people. It also represents the author’s view of marriage that love is the base of marriage. At present, this classic has more than ten versions published in Chinese, and this paper will discuss the different translations in the first part of the novel from several aspects.

Firstly, for accuracy at the lexical level, due to differences between the two languages,what is accurate distinctive,vivid and natural expressions in one language do not necessarily mean the same thing in another language.If translated without any alterations,the artistic effect may be damaged or even make some misunderstandings.For example, In dictionary, “rightful” has two meanings.One is ‘‘according to law and justice”,the other is “of actions,etc fair;justifiable.” Here the second meaning should be adopted for the author intends to say that the neighborhood regard a wealthy single man as a property justified to be won by one of their daughters.In Wang’s and Yang’s versions,it is translated respectively as “理所应得的” and“应得的”,which are accurate but In Sun’s version it is translated as“合法的”.which is easy to mislead its reader to wonder about its legality.We can also see the other examples such as “a good fortune” and “neighborhood”. Secondly, for the fidelity at the syntactical level, a good translation is always an integration of representing the content and preserving the form. The writer first uses some solemn words firstly “truth”, “universally acknowledge” to arouse the readers’ expectation to achieve a formal effect as if a really world-famous truth will be announced which naturally wants the...
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