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Jennifer Hernandez
English 1010
July 3, 2013
M4 Profile essay Final Draft
Memories for a Lifetime
Every year parents are faced with the trying task of finding an activity their kids will enjoy. Families struggle to make plans that will entertain visiting relatives. New and old couples want to find an activity to enjoy while staying active. One good go to solution has always been and will always be a trip to the local zoo. Here in Nebraska we have Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, and this place has proved itself as one of the best places to visit in any situation.

When looking for an activity to do with small children the local zoo has proved itself to be more than qualified. With the multiple attractions such as the Aquarium, Butterfly Exhibit, and the Kingdom of the Night there is a wide variety of places to stop and maybe even learn a few things. The zoo has shown everyone that it truly is a great place to learn by the number of schools that visit each year on the beloved feild trip day. "My kids always look forward to field trip day. Its one of the best days of the year, even if they have to answer questions about animals and no matter how many times they have already been to the zoo" say Hope Rodriguez, mother of 5.

Visiting the local zoo isnt just an activity that can be enjoyed by the youth though. " I love taking my daughter, neices and nephew to the zoo but it is nice to be able to go and not lug around multiple bags of snacks, diapers and a change of clothes for little kids. It can take me almost an entire hour just to get everyone ready to leave for the zoo. Even though it is rare I will take every chance I can to go without the little ones." Lisa Onate has only one child herself but finds it is a much more relaxed atmosphere when she doesnt have to constantly be checking to make sure she has her little ones near by. She has found that she has more of an opportunity to really see what animals she likes best and read all the signs informing her...
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