Zinn Chp 10 Questions

Topics: Trade union, American Civil War / Pages: 2 (431 words) / Published: May 14th, 2013
Chapter 10
The Other Civil War 1. What factors contributed to the growth of monopolies before the Civil War? What are some examples of monopolies formed in the 1850s? 2. What role did the federal and state governments play in the creation of monopolies? 3. Define “working-class consciousness.” Use the following documents to help you. a. 1827 “Address…before the Mechanics and Working Classes…of Philadelphia” b. 1829 Francis Wright’s speech on July 4th c. 1829 George Henry Evan’s “The Working Men’s Declaration of Independence d. 1834 Boston “Trades Union” document 4. Between 1830-1855: What were the different forms through which working people manifested their opposition to their political and economic position? (Give specific examples) Then determine if they were effective or ineffective and why. 5. What did workers want? Were the demands/requests reasonable? Why did management object? Why might management see some incidents as a conspiracy? How might they not represent a conspiracy? 6. Did the Civil War effectively end the growing division between capital and labor? Explain. 7. Why were there draft riots in 1863? 8. During the Civil War, northern congressman, without representatives from the seceded states, were able to pass legislation favorable to northern business interests. How do each of the following favor the northern/western economic system: Morrill Tariff (1861), Homestead Act (1862), and Contract Labor Law (1864) 9. How did judges interpret the law in favor of those businessmen who wished to expand at the expense of others? 10. After the Civil War, were the conditions of the urban poor the same, worse, or better than they had been before the Civil War? 11. What types of work opened up to women as a result of the Civil War? 12. Why did the men of the National Labor Union vote to include blacks and women among their numbers in 1869? 13. After the Civil War, local trade unions

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