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Essay, Zimbabwe  
The people in Zimbabwe have suffered terribly as a consequence of the government led by Robert Mugabe. Mugabe’s government has ignored human rights, ruined people’s lives with great illnesses, deaths and unemployment. He has wrecked Zimbabwe’s economy and refused to permit democratic elections. Mugabe became president in 1980 and has from then on become a dictator. In 2008 it seemed as though his rival leader Morgan Tsvangirai would win the election but Mugabe sent his army to cause violence and intimidation to stop people voting for Tsvangirai and then rigged the results so that he would remain in power. The situation in Zimbabwe has continued to grow worse with thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries. Without democracy and free elections, the people of Zimbabwe will continue to suffer.   

Zimbabwe used to be a prosperous nation but since independence it has been ruled by Robert Mugabe and his political party called Zanu-PF. Mugabe has been determined to remain in power at all costs to the detriment of the people of Zimbabwe.  In 1980, Mugabe became President, since then governance of Zimbabwe has been by way of dictatorship. There is no a freedom speech in Zimbabwe. In 1990 Mugabe won election again, then used his power to defeat his only rival for more dominance.  Later he sent his army away to Congo to start a war in the mid-90s spending over $260 million. His army was able to win the war and make him very wealthy, however at the expense of Zimbabwe, Mugabe went on to spend more on the army and weapons. Robert Mugabe for the first time had a taste of defeat in 2001, as voters overruled in a referendum to a new constitution which would give him yet more power and made the country a one-party nation. In 2001 he blamed and betrayed the small white minority for the referendum and forced them to move back to Britain. Once again Mugabe won election in 2002 by rigging the vote. He then extended his authority for another six years and...
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