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Hello all!

I am SillyWalks - glad to "meet" you.

Have been reading around on this site for some time now and felt it is my turn to share back some since I have learned a lot of useful things here myself.

So I will start off my first post detailing how I am currently making $200 or more EVERY day from YouTube with Adsense - WITHOUT uploading ANY VIDEOS AT ALL, having NO videos of my own. I have held this secret back for a while and waited for the right time and place to share it with someone worthy. You are lucky! It has taken me YEARS to get to where I am now - but it can be done quickly and easily when you just know the right place to go about it and avoid the mistakes!

Later on I may share other methods I use as well, making me much more additionally.

For now, it is YouTube with Adsense.

I want to tell you right away that you WILL have to dedicate some time and efforts for this. But it will pay back! And it WILL be much EASIER than spending time figuring out what videos to create, or risk losing your account for ripping other peoples content etc. This is a SAFE method.

Lets just throw in some step by step method here to make it easier to get through.

1. Create 2 Gmail accounts with 2 YouTube accounts connected to them - you can create more later and do the same with them as I will explain here.

2. Decide a topic / niche you want to work with. You dont need ANY knowledge about your topic since you will not make any videos of your own.     -This can really be anything that is popular. Some examples can be Health, Technology, Movies, Games, "How to"'s on any topic, Sports, Politics, Alternative news, conspiracies, new age, spirituality, etc etc etc - later on you can expand and create more Gmails & YouTube accounts for more topics.

I will simply stay to "Health" during this guide, and thus refer to health-related stuff in how to build up your channel, work with keywords, etc etc.

Often it can be good to be a bit broad in the topic you decide, lets say Health - dont narrow it down too much by getting into a specific subject such as "Migraine" but leave it wide open for you to work on material for all kind of people. Gets you more back.

Since using the "Health" example, one name for a youtube channel could be "Modern Health", which can cover a lot, rather than "Headaches Today", which would be very narrow.

3. Set up an Adsense if you dont have one already - connect it with only ONE of the 2 accounts! THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP: One account will be the adsense channel, which is your "holy" channel that will be kept safe at all costs. The other account will be your sucker-account, to drive extra traffic to your main adsense account. Your second account CAN be used for other things if you want to gain more cash, such as clickbank referrals. Peerfly etc can also be good. Dont worry about it here though, I will only focus on using ADSENSE in this tutorial.

4. (this step is optional but it WILL boost your income) Set up two Twitter accounts and get yourself Tweetadder. Connect your YouTube accounts to your Twitter account as well. Use Tweetadder to gain tons of contacts and to post tweets linking to your videos regularly. Always add new videos into tweetadder - spin your posts so you get many versions leading to the same videos. Please study this elsewhere if you do not know anything about it, tons of info on Tweetadder, Spinning, etc out there. Here is a video for now: - set up all the good stuff like scheduled auto-tweets, auto-add contacts, auto-reply on tweets and msgs, etc. You can get a good spinner to create tons of tweets to rotate in the auto-tweet function from - if you have no idea what im speaking of here look it up or just skip this whole step. You will make easily thousands of additional contacts here though if you implement it.

5. (this step is optional but it WILL boost your income) Set up two facebook...
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