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Quoting, Summarizing and Paraphrasing
Mayra Cevallos
COM/220 Research Writing


Amy Zalimas

Associate Level Material
Appendix J

Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources

Answer the following questions in 150 to 200 words:

How do you determine which information is noteworthy?

I researched the article to make sure it was peer reviewed. I only tend research for

material, books, articles that are from the University library which I know has credible

information. I look at the journals to see the date of publication as well as the name o the author. I tend to research the author to make sure it is a credible source that I

can use.

·How do you determine whether to summarize, paraphrase, or quote a source?

I have learned to use the information I learn in the tutorial as well as the information

provided by the instructor, as well as the web link material provided for the week. It has

not been easy to paraphrase and I tend to have trouble trying to summarize it but the

tutorials have helped out a great deal.

Appendix J
COM/220 Version 7

Be brief.
Reflect key facts or ideas.
Help readers understand context.
Do not insert personal views.
Write in your own words, except for quotations.
Create an APA-formatted parenthetical citation for this summary. Insert the APA article reference.
The understanding of hate crimes and

where it came from and how it has

developed throughout society. It is

unfortunately the most common way of

prejudice and hate against others who are

different among society and society is

trying to find a way to fight back. The

federal government defines hate crime as

criminal conduct motivated in

whole or in part by a “preformed negative

opinion or attitude toward a group of

persons based on their race, religion,

ethnicity/national origin, or sexual

orientation” (FBI hate crimes data cited in

F. M. Lawrence, 1999, p. 35).

Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 58, No. 2, 2002, pp. 207--225

Use details.
Reflect the structure of the source.
Reflect the ideas of the original author.
Do not insert personal views.
Write in your own words, except for quotations.
Create an APA-formatted parenthetical citation for this paraphrase. Insert the APA article reference.

Relating the issue of hate crimes to hate

speech and how it goes hand in hand. It

is used in a prejudice manner to only hurt

another individuals due to their race, sex,

gender and or disability.

C. R. Lawrence, Matsuda, Delgado, and

Crenshaw (1993), “which defines hate

speech as speech that (1) has a message of

racial inferiority, (2) is directed against

a member of a historically oppressed

group, and (3) is persecutory, hateful, and


Choose a well-stated key idea.
Use a verb of attribution to introduce the quotation; for example, He claimed, She reported, they assert). Punctuate correctly.
Create an APA-formatted parenthetical citation for this quotation. Insert the APA article reference.

“There is empirical evidence that suggests

that the impact of hate crime

victimization exceeds that of ordinary

crime victimization” (Garcia & McDevitt,


“Although this protracted-harm argument

may also be made for crimes such as

sexual assaults, hate crimes further

distinguish themselves in two important

areas: (1) the historical continuity of hate

crime victimization of racial minorities,

Jews, and homosexuals and (2) the

complicity of mainstream institutions and

culture in their victimization” (Petrosino, 1999).
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