Youtube in Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, YouTube Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Zachary Davis
Mr. Jordan
AP English 3
18 March 2013
YouTube: The Future of Education
Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been a source for videos of every variety. Famous for videos like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “Lamas with Hats”, YouTube has been a great place to laugh and escape from ordinary life. It is from these humble beginnings that video blogs (aka vlogs) began to thrive. As a seeming microcosm of YouTube itself, these vlogs branched into hundreds of different subject matters. The most surprising and delighting of which was education; a subject previously monopolized by federal and private school systems. This new avenue for both education and YouTube has created “a community of learners” in a setting which is “very much like a classroom” (John Green). And although it is not a classroom right now, within the few decades it may be a large part of what ‘traditional’ schools use to teach there technology inclined students.

The purpose of learning has, in the 21st century at least, been about the betterment of the student, their community and mankind as a whole through the use of technology. The traditional classroom however is mediocre at helping students reach their technological and social goals. One of the largest problems is that teachers simply cannot move ar the right pace for everyone. Those who do not understand the material the first or even second time it is presented are left behind and those who understood the topic before the class began are being dragged down and kept from truly excelling. (Grey) such will always be the case with our teachers, or will it? Let’s imagine for a moment a collage class. The most common form of teaching is the lecture format in which a speech is given by the teacher with the students taking notes. This is the epitome of a single speed teacher, yet we call collage higher learning. There must be something effective in this style of teaching, since it continues to turn out good students, but its flaws are...
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