Youth Wrestling and Nutrition

Topics: Muscle, Professional wrestling, Wrestling Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Now, imagine two young and physically fit people wearing singlets. Both step up to the line and shake each other’s hand. In a brief moment of tension before battle, the referee blows the whistle and the first man shoots a double leg and takes an opponent down and earns two points. The sport of wrestling has been around for along time and dates back to 700 B.C.E. It was mostly used for military fighting and combatant techniques in ancient armies. In ancient Greece, it became a sport to where the opponent was forced to submit to tears. It was a great sport back in the day and it still is. American wrestling was introduced during the Second World War when a few soldiers witnessed the Japanese performing wrestling moves and it looked fun. So, the soldiers wanted to try it. Later, these soldiers showed other people how to do it. Soon, a wrestling sensation spread. These days, wrestling is a competition between two people for six minutes and it takes a great deal of effort and strength and determination to conquer the opponent. Wrestling is a sport of skill, strength, and endurance. Picture it like this. A small skinny person in the 138 weight class could end up wrestling a muscled out bodybuilder of the same weight. However, if the smaller kid uses the proper technique, then there is no need to worry about the strength of the other wrestler. The technique of a wrestler is the most important factor in a wrestling match. Good techniques provide a better chance of winning while a poor technique can cause one to be lying flat on there back. Coaches have to show wrestlers the proper techniques of wrestling (“” 1). Most coaches start off with showing the athlete how to shoot. “The fundamental importance in a wrestling match is shooting on an opponent. It forces one participant to the mat and the other one get the points. Now, there several different ways to shoot. There is a single leg, a double leg, run the pike (variation of a single leg), single leg then...

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