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By Pancho5700 Apr 20, 2015 310 Words
Emmanuel Gamiz
Professor Parker
English 101
1 April 2015

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Author, Article Title: Estrada Richard, "For Some, Helicopter Parenting Delivers Benefits"

Main Idea/Thesis: The practice of using an ethnic group as mascots is dehumanizing. Main Points: Many sports teams based their team names off of animals, but some based their names off of ethnic groups. Teams use variations of ethnic group cultures to display the team theme, which subjects the culture to political correctness. Schools are requesting for students to conform to participating in celebrations of certain teams to which may cause conflicts with some having an ethic group as a mascot or theme.

Evaluation: The author's use of background information regarding the topic and history from where it began is vital in drawing an image for how important and notable sport team names were previously. The tone of used is very formal, but still considerably casual in some parts as with "Ah, yes: The Colts" to show a particular way the author feels about certain ideas. In this article, the plentiful pool of examples help provide an insight to how remarkable ethnic names can affect associated groups just as the Native American father of the child who was forced to participate in school celebrations of sports teams. I would agree with banning the use of ethnic groups as names for sports teams, but not only sports teams, but all types of teams because ethnic groups will feel dehumanized and used as a object for entertainment in the public. No matter how small or insignificant the group may be, I agree that it should be fair for all groups to be excluded from such practices because not only will this cause unnecessary controversy, it will also make the team appear to not have the decency to know that these are human beings as themselves.

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