Youth Population

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Young Population

Population age structure can have a significant impact on countries' stability, governance, economic development and the well-being of its people. Reasons for Young Population:

* Recent decades of high fertility (births per woman) e.g. women in sub-Saharan Africa give birth to 5.5 children on average in their lifetimes. Uganda- very high fertility rate (6.7) and a high teenage pregnancy rate (25%) * Teenage girls sell themselves for sex to earn money and end up getting pregnant. * No awareness and use of contraception methods.

* Medical improvements in child survival, low mortality rates * Family planning programs are not effective.
Uganda Population Pyramid for 1990 Age and sex distribution for the year 1990:

Uganda Population Pyramid for 2005 Age and sex distribution for the year 2005:

Uganda Population Pyramid for 2010
Age and sex distribution for the year 2010:

Uganda Population Pyramid for 2020
Predicted age and sex distribution for the year 2020:

Advantages of Youth Population (Once they reach the age of 20 yrs.+) : * A large youth population in emerging economies represents a significant economic resource since a young working population can drive economic growth and offset the social costs of an ageing population. Between 2010-2030, India will add 241 Million people in working-age population ( that means the children who are currently in the education system), Brazil will add around 18 million * Because of young population, there will always be demand of goods and services and impact of recession will be less severe. E.g. 2009 recession didn’t impact very much on countries like Phillipines, India, Indonesia as their local demand itself was high enough for the economy to survive. * There will be enough young talent to protect and defend their country * Young population can provide a large and cheap future workforce. Most countries in Africa are projected to have more...
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