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The increase in the evolving demographics are showing that India is going to remain as a nation which contributes the largest workforce within the next decades. The main dividend of India's population is the young group of people. This factor gives india the required potential to become the global hub and also a huge consumer and producer for goods and services all over the world.Although India has a huge amount of working-age group of population it is not being enough for it to keep up its economic growth. India should be in a position to create new jobs in order to give employment to zoo many people and at the same time the working group of people should be prepared to do those jobs if these two things are not satisfied then India's demographic dividend can turn into a liability which is not a very good thing to happen.

India 2010 senses reports have showed that its population has 18 percent of the total worlds population.Its been proven that if india continues to increase its population by 1 percent every year then it would be the worlds most populous country by 2030. In order to overcome this india has to change its Framework for both education and the management of its workforce. The job market is mainly based on high-skill labour but the jobs are created for low skill labour this has become a very big challenge. india's working age population are less skilled then that of the other competitive countries.the huge growth in india's population will damage its infrastructure as it is being managed very poorly.62 percent of the total india's population belong to the working age group. India's workforce of ages between 15-60 is going to rise from 62 percent to alms 68 percent. This enormous increase in the workforce will give india great strength to increase their economy. The young demographics is a huge plus point for india.the skills of the labour mismatch and the shortage can heavily impact its economic as well as its was costs.As of 2010...
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