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Youth offenders should never be tried as an adult. Youth offenders know little about living life and yet some people believe that giving life in prison to a teenager is humane. Alternatives exist and should be implemented prior to making a decision that practically ends a life before it even blossoms. The documentary on “When Kids Get Life” demonstrates some sociological theories that can be tied to the story about an individual named Jacob Ind.

Under the circumstances Jacob Ind did not deserve the to go to jail for life mainly due to the emotional, physical and sexual abuse that happened in their home. Jacob was alone to fight the stress when his older brother Charles left their house at the age of 18. The circumstances of his brother leaving him to fight his own battle of abuse increased his sense of fear and anxiety supports the theory of anomie. “people feel disoriented and anxious; anomie therefore influences dispositions” (Giddens 172).

Charles tried to help Jacob from a distance when he tried to warn Social Services about the abuse. The Social Service worker claimed that he had not remembered the complaint about abuse that was made and did not start and investigation. So why was the brother there in the first place?

Defense attorney Paul Mones says “The problem is, child abuse ... is the perfect crime. It's the perfect crime because parents who do it seal their own protection, because they know the kid's typically, a, not going to fight back, and b, typically not [going to] report, because as bad as children get treated by their parents, that parent is still the caregiver; that parent still is the nourisher. And it's very difficult for the average human being to fight against that person, to rebel against that person.” suggest that it was very hard for one to break out of silence and seek help because of the role his mother and stepfather had in his life as care givers. Jacob was 15 at the time and under a tremendous amount of stress going...
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