youth migration

Topics: Immigration, Population, Human migration Pages: 2 (993 words) Published: October 28, 2014
An abnormal form of scientific exchange between countries characterized by one way flown favor of most highly developed countries. This is a report, defined by UNESCO on brain-drain (migration of skilled personalities) in 1969. In accordance with the report of World Bank, India was the country to stand in the third place in brain drain which was ahead of China and Germany. Britain and Philippines were the two countries that have stood first in this serious regard. What is Migration The basic requirements of a human are of three types they are food, shelter and money. For these three needs he/she fights up to the mark (range). And these three has a key role in the development of the man. In order to gain these key concepts he/she ought to do some work and that work is done in two ways. Firstly, he can be in his place (in his hometown) and earn these things and secondly, he moves from one place to other place to satisfy his needs. This way of moving to other place is nothing but MIGRATION. If this migration is due to skilled persons than that would be regarded as the Brain Drain. And this brain drain occurs mostly in the young people so this can also be regarded as the YOUTH MIGRATION. Why this Migration There are many factors that cause youth migration and those are explained by a law known as the LEES LAW. According to this law these possibilities can be of two types Push method Pull method Push method This is nothing but the things that are bad about the country are that one lived. Pull method This is nothing but the things that attract one person to another area. These are some reasons that come under lees law Push Pull Not enough money, few opportunities, primitive conditions, desertification, famine/drought, political fear or persecution, slavery or forced labor, poor medical care, death threats, lack of political support, poor housing, landlords/tenant issue, bullying discrimination, poor changes in...
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