Your Impression About Nsu Financial Aid in Comparison with the Best Universities of Home and Abroad

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Your impression about NSU FINANCIAL AID in comparison with the best Universities of home and abroad

Private University Act was authorized in 1992 which obligates private universities to offer scholarships of its poor but worthy students. This act is followed by most of the private universities; however some universities go beyond and do more than the minimum requirements to comply with this act. Among these liberal universities is North South University. Every year, NSU grants a total of around more than 500 students’ full or partial scholarships.

Some other private universities like BRAC University, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), East West University also has financial aiding opportunities for their students. While they offer generous and reasonable aid to students, they do not seem as enthusiastic as NSU in this program. Researching personally, I found that their websites are not equally as helpful and informative as NSU’s website. NSU’s website provides detail information about the requirements and procedures to apply for financial aid. EWU provides aid either during admissions or after completing one whole year. While BRACU did not state how it aids its current students based on performance. IUB offers aid only through admissions and not on university performance.

Abroad, only USA provides good financial support for foreign student. Other countries provide very limited offer to international students. For example Universities in Australia are only lenient in providing scholarship to students who holds Australian passport. Universities like Harvard, MIT and Yale offer full scholarships on needs and merit basis. But then again, universities like Harvard, MIT and rest of the Ivy League colleges, what are the chances for an international student from this part of the world. Also abroad universities/colleges in USA, Canada provide financial assistances for students who may not be academically talented but talented in other fields like sports,...
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