Young Couples

Topics: Suicide, Thought, Child Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: November 11, 2009
It is undeniable that the birth rate is declining around these few years.The one of the reason can be explained by many young couples are not choosing not to have next generation.It is understandable that the young couples always seeking for the in dividualism and the freedom.Also,the financial is a big concern since the living standard is inclining,the young couples have not yet to capable of the huge cost of upbringing a children,and it is an uphill task for them.

To commerce with,the young couples may not think twice before choosing to get married.The immature mind of young couples is one of the reason and the relationship between the young couples still not yet reached a stable state.If the relationship between the young couples has broken,the children will become a single parent family or an orphan,it is definitely harmful to the innocent child.

The prominent factor concerned by the young couples are giving up generate their offspring is the financial problem.Since the young couples still have not the stable financial ability yet.To upbringing a child, a plenty of money is needed.As a r esponsibility of parent,they must offer the best thing for developing their next generation.For instance,the brand kindergarden,primary school,secondary school and so on.But the education system has changed a lot,the parent worried about the reformation of the education system whether benefits their children or not.Whats more,the the price index has inclined continuously,a high living standard is to increase burdens of young parent,the overloaded burden drive the young couples into the corner and be pressurized.Worse still,some of young couples even commit suicide when they become pessimistic thinking.

Apart from the financial problems of upbringing of children,many young couples need to devote all their time for their work in order to obtain a better living standard.Moreover,the busy work of the parent leads to the insufficient time for taking care of their...
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