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The main thing that pops out with this state of affairs is the main objective. The symphony is attempting to interpret what has caused a fixed degeneration in attendance. I’m not sure this exact survey on this evening at a free concert is the finest method to discover what the problem is. First off, this is not the symphony’s primary group of spectators; many of these people will not be attending another event, so their statistics shouldn’t be held so highly. Next, this group of attendees will not be answering questions relating to previous concerts and involvements that may have altered over the years.

The survey will be rather vain in defining a campaign or program to help out the rest of the year. We are dealing with two very diverse problems, one being the rescue of the rest of the year, and two, increasing the existing period’s ticket holders. As far as the rest of the season goes, there needs to be some offer that will thank existing season ticket holders for signing up for the next period. This can be accomplished in one of two ways; one can be a sizeable reduction for pre-ordering next terms tickets at this time. This way a base can be proven for the next season. When it comes to this season, a small group of concerts can be thrown together as a package and offered at a discount to those who participated in the survey. The same offer can also be promoted to the general public as well to help bolster the remaining year’s performances. An idea that may be worth discovering would be to enhance the existing cultural offering with that of an Asian inspiration. Vancouver British Columbia stands home of the largest population of Asian descendants in North America, with the largest Chinatown also. This is a comfortable culture in Vancouver, and has flexible revenue to expend.

The one solid strength of this survey was that it did target the non-subscribers, and a possible new group of customers. If the data is evaluated with this group in mind then a plan...
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