Topics: Marriage, Village, Woman, Yoruba people, Courtship, Audience / Pages: 3 (657 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2013
Melissa Smith
Narrow Path
In Tunde Kelani’s The Narrow Path, the story follows a woman by the name of Awero. In her village she is considered very beautiful. She has come of age to be married and she begin considering her options on marriage. Awero is courted by two men. One is a hunter from the Agbade village, and one is a goldsmith from Aku village. Both of these men wish to have her hand in marriage and they both have their own approach to try and win over Awero. The hunter focuses on the love that she would receive in a marriage with him, and he is more subtle. While the goldsmith is more aggressive, and he parades his money at her. Another man enters Awero’s life, the leader of a Troupe in Africa. He forces himself on her, and she is traumatized by this experience. Awero decides to keep the event to herself and chooses the hunter to be her suitor. Her family approves of him and date for her wedding is set. They have a quick marriage. And the hunter is excited about consummating their wedding. But though the hunter, Odejemi, is excited for their marriage, Awero is having nightmares and is falling into a depression at he thought o everyone finding out her truth. The movie has a happy ending, but potical walls are pushed between two villiages. There are a lot of hidden messages in this movie that the fim director, Kelani wishes to touch on. One of the main issues is women. In fact, Kelani dedicates this movie to women who have been through the same problems that Awero faced in this movie. Kelani sees the fact that there has been problems with rape and how it is handled in the Yoruba culture. Looking at this film I think Kelani is calling for change on this issue; I especially see this in Kelani making the technical decision to include the rape scene from the book, in his movie. And then at the end of the movie, and apology from Awero’s rapist is acquired. I think this was Kelani’s way of alost giving closure to the audience on the topic of

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