Yo-Kai Watch Research Paper

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Game, Truman Capote, Play, Family / Pages: 2 (395 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2016
I'm admittedly still a big kid at heart so this scavenger hunt was a fun one. Here are three shows I'd watch (and maybe still watch right now).

1. Yo-Kai Watch- Yo-Kai Watch is about a young boy named Nate who discovers a watch which allows him to communicate, befriend and even battle ghosts, also known as Yo-Kai! It's up to Nate to discover the mischievous Yo-Kai who are haunting people and the source of everyday problems like: poor cell phone reception and even over the top flatulence! Obviously inspired by past Japanese mega franchises such as Pokemon, Yo-Kai watch is a vertically integrated franchise that includes a tv series, multiple video games, toys, card games, etc. As a kid I loved Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch is essentially Pokemon for this generation. With its ability to blend and celebrate slice-of-life situations with the gotta collect them all aspect of befriending all the unique Yo-Kai, I know younger me would have been a huge fan of it!
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Steven Universe- Created by Adventure Time alum Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe revolves around 13 year old Steven who is half human, half alien (or Gem). Steven is taken care of by a group of aliens called the 'Crystal Gems' who have taken on the role of surrogate mothers to Steven after his mother's death during child birth. It's up to Steven and the Crystal Gems to protect the world from their own kind. While Steven Universe may sound like your typical animated series, it is anything but. The show deals directly with LGBT intimacy issues. The Gems are all female presenting and have direct intimate relationships amongst themselves. In fact the most recent episode featured Steven urging one of the gems Pearl to get into a high speed car chase to talk to a girl she liked. Steven Universe is gay and amazing and

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